TakTable ™ – the Ideal Beach Table

Carrying Taktable to use at the beach

Summer’s in full swing and that’s the perfect time to toss a TakTable or two in your trunk for the ideal beach table.

It’s so small and light anybody can carry it with the included carrying strap.  The basket feet provide a sturdy base on any ground, and the aluminum top is sturdy and easy to wipe clean.  No more grit in your sandwiches and sunscreen.

Once you’re done using it as a beach table, and move on to a larger gathering like the Riverside Symphonia bring a few and attach them together for an outdoor dining experience just as comfortable as your home.  Throw in a few attachments like a paper towel holder or some wine glass holders to keep everything organized and clean for a perfect outing.

TakTable™ is available here.

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