TakTable is perfect for cleaning fish

Cleaning mackerel on TakTable

A big THANK YOU to John and Eloise at a little inn on pleasant Bay  for the demonstration of cleaning fish, specifically mackerel, and how TakTable is perfect for the task.  John’s expert piloting and fishing tips taught us that with the right equipment even an amateur can have them practically jumping into the boat!

And when you’re back home, TakTable makes a great surface to clean your catch.  Hip height, sturdy, and you can hose it right down.  When you’re done just leave it outside, it’s weatherproof.

Check out the slideshow below for instructions on how to fillet your mackerel.

It just goes to show you that TakTable™ is the ideal field table.  From cleaning fish to hunting to picnics to maintenance, it’s always handy, sturdy, and ready to go.

TakTable™ is available here.

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