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TakTables make outdoor cooking and meal prep so easy, and with an attached towel holder they’re clean and convenient too.

It is extremely simple to install in seconds, and thanks to TakTable’s unique edge design, it attaches so firmly you can use it as a handle.  Just add your own dowel, rod, or tube up to 1″ in diameter.

For paper towels, span 4 slats and cut the tube 13 3/4″ long.

For 3 slats – 9 1/4″ long.

For 2 slats – 4 3/4″ long.

If you have attached more than one TakTable by the long edges, just add 4 1/2″ for every additional slat you want to go across.

Material will be black PLA.  Inquire about additional colors or discounts on multiples.

3D Printed TakTable Towel Holder Ends PAIR


These towel holder accessories are simple to use and so handy.  Just attach in seconds and add you own dowel or tube.

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