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  • 2 year limited warrantee
  • Free shipping in the continental USA
  • Included natural cotton tablecloth
  • Included tablecloth clips
  • Included carrying strap
  • Included ground stakes.
  • Enhance by printing accessories using our free 3D models
  • Assembly instructions are here
  • Our first blogger review!
  • Our second blogger review!
  • Stowed Dimensions: 6″ x65″ x 39″
  • Open Dimensions: 38.5″ x 18″ x 29.5″
  • Weight” 11 lb
  • Load capacity: over 270 lb
  • Setup and breakdown time: under 1 minute
  • Designed in the USA. Made in Taiwan

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4 reviews for TakTable®

  1. LH (verified owner)

     I love it. Fine to use!!
    Table working great.

  2. Rwhite (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for a table that I could stand at and that fit in the back of my Mini Cooper. This does both!

  3. akevinw60 (verified owner)

    I am a gear addict. My two camping/backpacking buddies and I struggle to fit all our cushy equipment in my Grand Cherokee Overland. With a huge Thule on top and my oversized hitch rack box, we barely make it. I am always looking for gear that is lighter, more compact and higher quality. This TakTable is the best of all that. Easy to set up, light and takes up 1/2 the space of my previous table. We all love it. We will be using it this week on a trip to Nevada.

  4. Christian Thomas (verified owner)

    Love TakTable! I stumbled on this gem online last year shortly after it launched and was really impressed with the design. Really holds up to rough use and not a mark on it. So easy to set up as well. Keystone Outdoors also always seems to be pushing out new and exciting accessories? Love the cup holder and the most recent tent spike with cleat design. This table’s luxury design really classes up my campsite as well. While I have only been car camping of late, the table is so light that I plan to bring on some summit hikes this spring after the thaw. Will be sure to share pictures. Keep the accessories rolling on out!

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