TakTable™ is great as a grill table

TakTable™ from Keystone Outdoor Gear Co™ is perfect as a grill table.  We engineered and manufactured it to be the toughest, most useful folding table available.  And to prove that we dumped hot coals on it and fire roasted some peppers.  Can your table do this?

According to the hand test the coals were about 500°F (260°C).  That is, I could not hold my hand close for over a second.  How can it take the heat?  The 6000 series Type 2 anodized aluminum top can withstand over 1000°F, and is also an excellent thermal conductor.  So it dissipates heat quickly.  In fact, the edges of the table barely warmed up and the table was cool again 2 minutes after removing the coals  The top is held to the base with stainless steel spring clips which can withstand even higher temperatures.

The plastic pieces are made from one of the most durable molded materials available, glass filled nylon, which can be used up to almost 500°F!  Not that it will see those temperatures because it’s protected by  the aluminum top.

Obviously there were a few scars from this stunt, but they were minimal and the product remained intact, with a nice flat top and full function.  Just wipe it off and you can go back to using it as a desk.

We wouldn’t recommend starting a fire on any table, but it’s nice to know that if you use it as a grill table or stove table and there is a fuel or charcoal spill, it’s not going to lead to problems.

TakTable™ is available here.

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