TakTables™ Make a Great Holiday Table

Happy Holidays from Keystone Outdoor Gear Co, maker of TakTables™!  Challenged with too many guests and not enough table?  We are here to help.  Imagine transforming folding tables stored in the corner of your closet into seating for six or even eight adults! That’s a scant 12″ x 12″ x 38″ transformed into a 3 x 6 1/2 foot, normal height dining table, a 15x increase in volume.  You can have your free space and your dinner party too, even if you live in a yurt.  And if you do live in a remote yurt, you’ll have no trouble transporting your tables there because of their extremely light weight of only 11 pounds each.

Only 1 -2 extra guests?  One TakTable™ will take care of them.  Just 3 – 5 extra guests?  You can handle them with 2 TakTables™.  9-12 extra guests?  Six TakTables™.  And so on.  With enough TakTables™ you can seat your entire extended family at one gigantic festive dinner table.  And for a limited time the more you buy the bigger the discount!

Along with extreme versatility, one of the great things about our flagship product is that the more of them you attach together, the more rigid they get.  No extra hardware is required for this, but if you add in some inexpensive 3d printed connectors it helps.  You won’t have to worry about the shaking you’d get from any other lightweight stowable table.  That is, if you can find one with our strength to weight (25x) and volume growth (15x) abilities.

Years were spent designing and manufacturing TakTable™ for durability, foldability, light weight, and affordable price. Experience the results of better design yourself…TakTable™ is available here.

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