TakTable™ First Review – a resounding yes!

It’s only been shipping for 2 weeks and the fantastic and informative RV blog OutdoorMiles has already reviewed the TakTable™.  The results?  It really IS the best folding table out there.  You can see the written review on their website or watch the YouTube video (seen below).

If you’re familiar with Tom’s work on OutdoorMiles you know that he has a huge number of in-depth reviews, tips, and guides for RV owners; and he puts a LOT of time and effort into them.  In the review he breaks down the features of the product, how to use it, and some of the additional features that might not be so obvious.  We are thrilled that he took the time to review our first product, and even happier that he loved it!

Perhaps the greatest reward from creating a new product (and company) is seeing people enjoy the results of all of that effort.  Thanks Tom!  TakTable™ is available here.

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