Journey to TakTable™

The dock in Chincoteague
The dock in Chincoteague

It’s a beautiful place for a beginning, although I had no idea it was happening.

While crabbing on this very dock in October 2020, cutting up chicken parts on the planks and placing my beverage in precarious positions; the thought briefly occurred, “I need a table out here,” and life went on.

But the idea insisted, and I looked and looked but found no great solutions.  So…I got to work on my own American Dream.

I’d been training for this my entire life, but nothing can prepare you for the exhilarating feeling of quitting contract work to focus on developing your own product.  The absolute fog of the future forcing you to feel in a hundred directions as you quietly accumulate tools and materials, beg for advice from vendors, predict the future with make-believe numbers, and build, build, build.

Slowly, through sewing, 3D printing, designing, machining, bending, and otherwise torturing materials and ideas in dozens of ways; bad ideas were discarded and great ones appeared at unlikely times.  One sudden day you have a dream realized and development time is over.

And on to pre-production.  A lengthy and expensive process of choosing vendors and wondering if maybe you should have played it safe instead of risking your retirement on yourself.  Now new hats land on your head: webmaster, video editor, patent agent, marketer, salesman, freight forwarder, and financial manager.

And now we are here, production.  The transition from secret work to public spectacle.  A container is making it’s way westward around the globe and the first thousand units will be shipped by Christmas.  That is, if the last 2 years were spent wisely.

TakTable™ fishing at the beach

Edit:  TakTable is now shipping and the reviews are coming in.  Indeed the last 2 years were well spent spent according to this stellar review from OutdoorMiles (direct link here).  And let’s be honest, you’ve got to be happy with a portable table that you can set on fire, and then use as an outdoor desk.

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