Our First User

The first TakTable™ Owner

I took a TakTable™ with me while visiting a friend on Nantucket this past October.  I had planned to take some marketing photos and leave it there to thank my host.  Fate had a better solution however.

While there I met Lisa, an anesthesiologist working at Nantucket Cottage Hospital.  Lisa spends most of her life on call, but instead of  staying at the hospital, she opts to hang out and take her meals in her own customized van just a few strides away, and sometimes drive to the beach for a meal with a view.

Lisa, like most physicians, had been working tirelessly and even worked the past 5 months without any time off.  The least I could do was upgrade her from eating off of a cafeteria tray on her lap to a TakTable™ (for free, of course) so that she could have an extra bit of comfort when choosing Van Life.  Given its compact size, there were already a few perfect places for it to be stowed!

A closed TakTable™ fits conveniently in cramped spaces.

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