Black Friday at the Mall

TakTable™ at the Washington Monument with macro lens

On Black Friday I took my nephew and nieces (and TakTable) to the mall.  Not to shop, of course, but to see one of the crowning jewels of our great nation, the Washington Monument.

After half an hour of touring every single filled parking space, we found a garage a mile from our destination and began to make our way.

Taking my TakTable™ to the Washington DC mall.

With the included carrying strap it was so easy to walk with both the table and a camera bag.  So we took the long way through the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden next to the Old National Museum of the Smithsonian.  Nephew is a farmer and studied horticulture, so as you can imagine it took quite a while to view and discuss all of the plants.

TakTable™ at the Washington Monument

It was a crisp fall day at the National Mall, and with a little patience we were rewarded with a brief moment of clear skies for a good shot.  Nephew was relaxed and ready thanks to having a clean soft surface for the photography equipment.

We packed up and went to the food trucks for a well earned meal.  TakTable came in handy once more as a lunch table .  No more juggling food and drink while you fight off the hungry seagulls.

It was a great afternoon, and so much easier thanks to our folding table.  TakTable™ is available here.

TakTable™ lunch at the Mall in Washington DCAC

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