TakTable™ Game Night

Two TakTables™ attached together make a perfect temporary board game table.

TakTable™ is great for a temporary sturdy surface as a gaming table.  It’s also perfect for a laptop computer, overflow seating, buffets, and so much more.  Connect them together to create the perfectly sized folding table.  Already a tough and strong camp table, they get even more rigid when attached together.  While Catan, a great board game shown in the picture above, can fit on one table, it’s much roomier with two, and that provides even more spaces for 3D printed beverage holders.

Don’t worry about spilling your beverages by the way.  The anodized aluminum top cleans up with almost no effort.

An large game like Sixth Fleet needs a bigger gaming table.  No problem, just attach three tables together and there’s room for the board, rolling dice, and all of your reserve pieces and cards.  In fact, this may be the only table you could use for a miles-long dungeon crawl and still be able to access the entire board.

And here’s a fun little add on, the aluminum top is non-magnetic so a pair of magnets can be used to hold down just about anything.  Pretty handy when somebody bumps into the table.

When you’re done, it folds away into a small and unique form factor in about a minute.  Then it can fit into the smallest of storage spaces, keeping your home clutter free until you need it again.

TakTable™ can be purchased here.

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