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At Home Outside
with Keystone Outdoor Gear

A dog checks out TakTable while we surfcast

TakTable™ - The Best Field Table

Keystone Outdoor Gear is proud to design and manufacture generational outdoor furniture that you can hand down to your children.  Our premiere product, TakTable™, is the ideal folding camp table for outdoor adventures anywhere you roam. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a weekend with nature, or weeks in off the grid, this reliable portable table will make your outdoor life as simple as your home life!

TakTable™ with Coleman 2 burner stove and lantern

I've gone through a few outdoor tables trying to find the right combination of function, size, portability, and stability. And I had sort of resigned myself to thinking I would have to settle for some combination of those attributes but not all of them in one table for car camping or outside living activities. The "Keystone Outdoor Gear TakTable" checks all the boxes for me. Kudos to the creator for this innovative camping table. It's not the best table for the budget-minded, but it is the best table for outdoor use I have yet to use.

Feel at Home Anywhere

Getaways are one of the biggest thrills in life. There’s no better feeling than jumping in your vehicle and hitting the throttle! But every exciting trip requires dependable gear like this field table with unequaled utility.  Unexpected escape or planned journey, doesn’t matter, all of your tools need to be be ready for adventure!

Tall, Strong, Tough, and Easy to Handle

The wind broke the aluminum ridge pole on my tent and blew my stove off the table. I had just two stakes in the foot of the Tak table and it was solid...Thanks for such a great product.

TakTable™ on fire

You Deserve A Rewarding Outdoor Experience

The fantastic function of TakTable™ is from its top-notch construction. Made of 95% steel and aluminum, this table has unbeatable sturdiness.  And thanks to brass & steel pivots plus stainless-steel clips you get guaranteed easy setup and dependability. Its strong yet lightweight aluminum tabletop is heat resistant while the e-coated steel legs uphold over 270 lbs – all for years’ worth of reliable performance!

Work comfortably anywhere with TakTable™ pic 3

I absolutely love this table...I use mine for cooking with my Blackstone...It's built like a tank and is incredibly easy to use and dismantle. I've tried many other camping tables, and nothing compares to this one, both for convenience, construction, and portability.

Accessories Attach with Our Twist Lock Feature

Awesome Benefits exclusive to our Table

Stop struggling with bulky and inconvenient tables! TakTable™ is the perfect solution for a no-fuss, space-efficient table that won’t take up precious storage. Despite its compact size, it packs in plenty of space to comfortably seat two people – or even more if you attach another one! Plus, all hardware comes integrated so set-up takes seconds without needing an instruction manual or searching for small parts. Say goodbye to cumbersome furniture and welcome easy convenience into your life with TakTable™ today!

Unmatched Durability & Reliability

I can see how one could use it in a number of ways in the home, then pack it up and tuck it away when not needed.

Incredibly simple stowage and use

TakTable™ in the stored position.
TakTable™ in the stored position.

Versatility and Convenience

The top edges have a unique pattern providing strength and lightness, and also the ability to accept add-ons like cup holders or hooks to hang kitchen utensils. Plus, it stays cool in direct sunlight.  And you can get some killer shots since the tabletop doubles as a reflective surface great for photo shoots, or signaling help. It even helps protect against shrapnel & honey-badgers (yes – these things happen!)! And the best part? It’s mostly recycled material making this an environmentally friendly solution that lasts way after any journey ends.

TakTable makes a great sewing table 3
Great for temporary use

I've tried many other camping tables, and nothing compares to this one, both for convenience, construction, and portability.

Here's How it Works

TakTable in the stowed and portable configuration
Pack it in!
A TakTable upside down with the base and top assembled
Sets Up in Seconds!
A fully assembled TakTable ready for use.
That's it!

Make exploring a fun and seamless adventure with TakTable™!

Useful Everywhere

Connects Together in All Directions

I also did not read any instructions or watch any videos when I unpacked the TakTable. I wanted to see how easy it was with no help or pre-education, and I was pleasantly surprised.

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