Another Great Review from Do It Yourself RV, plus Accessories!

TakTable buffet with paper towels from DIY RV
Phtot from DIY RV.

One of the great joys of introducing a new product and seeing it through the eyes of users.  This great review from DIY RV shows just how handy it is for the mobile lifestyle of RV’ers.  Thanks Pat Buchanan for the perfect term for our product, ‘generational furniture’.   And also for explaining how handy our premiere product is, and demonstrating that it gets better and better as you attach them together and add  accessories like paper towel holders, pole rests, and cup holders.

Speaking of generational furniture, check out the one below that’s been outside for a year, been shot with a pellet gun, had a bowling ball dropped on it, had hot coals on it for 20 minutes the fire video, and been whacked with a training sword several times!  A little cosmetic damage but otherwise works as good as new.

More attachments are being added regularly and thanks to 3D printing can be available in a matter of weeks!

If you have an idea for a great attachment and we add it to the lineup, we’ll send you one for free!

TakTable™ is available here.

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