A Big Week for TakTable™

TakTable set up with tablecloth

We end the week with a great press release getting the word out about TakTable™.  And that’s exciting.

What’s even more exciting is another stellar review!  This time from Camper Report.  It’s easy to forget that the most rewarding reason to work hard is improving the lives of other people.  So thanks Camper Report for the reminder that if you try you can make the world a better, more comfortable place.

In other news users continue to send in pictures.  Something we never thought of, use it as a quarantine table.  Unfortunately a customer caught covid (he’s OK now) and had to quarantine, but there was no end table in the sick room.  TakTable™ to the rescue!  There when you need it, hidden away when you don’t.

And finally TakTable™ demonstrates its gaming chops when two of them are connected end to end for beer pong.  That’s over a 6 foot shot…not easy.

TakTable™ is available here.

A grown man playing beer pong on taktables

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