3D Printed TakTable™ Accessories

3D printed accessories for use with or without TakTable™!

Our folding table is designed to be versatile and allow you to attach all sorts of things to the edges.  Our unique edge design is made to work with a twist lock which secures your accessories to the table like they were welded there, leaving the tabletop clear for other uses.

These accessories can also be used to attach tables together by the short edge.  They already attach by the long edge with the included hardware, so with a couple of inexpensive additional parts you can attach in bot directions to make a sturdy table of any size.  With just shy of 9,000 TakTables you can cover a football field!

So far we have:

  • cup and wine glass holder
  • paper towel roll holder
  • short edge connector

Coming soon:

  • outriggers
  • gun and fishing rod rest
  • trash bag holder
  • rain canopy
  • lantern post
  • hose attachment

Let us know what 3D printed accessories you want!  If you have any ideas for future models contact us and we’ll look into adding it.

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