Good equipment is expensive, so a good field table with a rod and gun rest beats leaning  on an unpredictable rock, fence, or tree. Outdoor sport is more fun without the strained back, unsteady working conditions, or even worse, scratches and damage that nature sometimes provides.

TakTable is the perfect field table to take along for target practice, hunting, and fishing. The aluminum top is easy to wash down after cleaning your gear or dressing your catch. And hey, why not do your spouse a solid and clean the everything before returning home, leaving the stank in the wild. Add accessories like towel racks or gun and rod rests to simplify your work even more, making your time in nature clean and convenient.

For instance, the picture below shows one possibility, cleaning pellet guns after target practice. You’ve got a gun and rod rest to keep your rifle safe, a cup holder for a beverage or small parts, and a paper towel holder for easy cleaning. You want your aim to stay sharp, and pellet guns are a great way to practice without breaking the bank. If you’re outdoors shooting and staying in a tent or cabin it’s super handy to be able to work without bending over, or if you’re sitting in an adult sized chair.

Material will be black PLA.  Inquire about additional colors or discounts on multiples.

3D Printed TakTable Gun and Rod Rest PAIR (2 pieces)


This 3D rod and gun rest for TakTable™ installs in seconds provides a convenient place to rest your gear while shooting or fishing.

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